Wednesday, December 28, 2016

10 minutes

I live 10 minutes away by car but it took me a freaking hour to get to work. Can you imagine how annoyed I am!? Brisbane has the worst public transport system. Probably the reason why I'm the only one taking a bus most of the time from where I live. Reducing rates won't increase the number of people taking public transport Translink!

1. You need to introduce single station rates. People who have to only travel 1 station would be taking the train / bus if there was a single station rate instead of walk and sweat under the sun.
2. You need to introduce Monthly and Yearly passes. That's guaranteed money in your pocket!
3. You need to introduce Visitor 3 day passes and Visitor Weekly passes. More money in your pocket!
4. Tell me the reason why not?!

Sigh, if only parking was less expensive!

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