Thursday, July 20, 2017

Society is Unforgiving

It's been on my mind for a few days now. How unforgiving society is, how unforgiving the world is. One wrong step and it's probably the end. It's saddening.

Back in the days, whenever I saw a homeless person or a beggar, I used to think, why don't they just find a job? Why are they so lazy? I'm sure many have thought that way. Most of the time I may not seem like I'm thinking, but I am...and for a long time I've realised that they aren't homeless because they are lazy or they don't want to find a job, it's because of how our society works, how the society thinks, how the society acts and reacts, how the world is made, how unforgiving the society is.

They can be people who had to be available for the family, people who lost their parents, people who lost their family, people who lost their jobs, people who has never been able to afford, people who have been cheated, people who has no one, people with health problems, the rich isn't excluded, it could be anyone. No matter how hard the person tries, they don't meet the right person, they don't open the right door, they keep falling deeper and deeper into the depths of hell.

One has to try hard to please, try hard to fit in, match the requirements. Yes there a great people out there, but society outnumbers the great! Too bad so sad, babi society makes me mad. ???

It's just not for me eh. Trying to write like a scholar. Booo

Friday, July 14, 2017

Friday 14 July

I had to go to the city to go to Bupa to make my medical claim. I had diarrhea for a full 5 days after I got back from Malaysia and it was definitely the most dreadful days of my life. I took charcoal that had probably expired because it didn't work (damn I'm such a genius)! After 5 days (yes I waited that long, boohoo) I decided to walk into the clinic below my office. Paid AUD80 to see the Dr for 5 minutes (obviously the reason why I waited that long!).

The Dr told me to try either Immodium or (something else which I didn't try to remember because I decided to go with the first option). All the suffering disappeared only after 1 tablet (like why didn't I think of going to the pharmacy! all the toilet sessions totally affected my brains! I paid the price for being an idiot. pffft). Okay, half the price since I got back AUD49 yesterday! (Yessh! Finally making good use of my insurance (kudos Bupa, instant money transfer!), but that money disappeared instantly :(. Damn why are there shops like Daiso around!)

I bought a pretty nice laundry basket...but I didn't notice the price till I got back. AUD8.80! (not everything in Daiso is AUD2.80 buddy!). Oh the Kiwi lady said I have an Australian accent. LOL. And when I was at the Korean grocers, the Korean girl kept speaking to me in Korean (I just smiled and nod, couldn't understand a word lol). But when my debit card got rejected, she was speaking more Korean and I finally gave myself out and said, can I pay cash? She was like OMG I'm sorry! You look Korean! LOL.

Tadaa my laundry basket!

Wednesday, July 12, 2017


I took Air Asia for the first time and it was not the most comfortable flight. I had a hard time sleeping, though I don't think the seats were any different from the other airlines I've been on. I didn't try their food because shhh we brought our own hotdawgs. Didn't spend a penny in flight. We brought empty water bottles too and filled them up after immigration check. Must always bring a 1L empty bottle for an 8 hour journey! I'd like not to fly from Gold Coast though in the future. It is extremely tiring to get from Brisbane to Gold Coast and back. 

It has been a long time since I set foot on Malaysian soil. KLIA 2 was surprisingly awesome! It had so many restaurants and shops. I felt like I was a tourist in my own country when I arrived. I was like WOW OMG THIS PLACE IS AWESOME! Let's check out all the shops and try all their coffee. LOL. There was even a bubble tea shop there. *I didn't have any though, ahem I've quit having bubble tea*. LOL. OK truth was it was 4.30am when we landed and the shops weren't opened yet. I might've had it if it was. :P. I wasn't telling a lie when I said I quit bubble tea though. I haven't had any since September last year! :). be continued...

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Renovations in the Office

Walls are being taken down so that we can all see each other dig our noses. Haa haa.

Sunday, May 28, 2017

BBQ On the Balcony

I haven't received any complaints regarding us bbq-ing on the balcony Saturday arvo! Yay!
The charcoal we bought with the label "no smoke" produced so much smoke! Our apartment faces the other apartment and there were opened windows on the opposite side. :/. We tried really hard to fan the smoke down but it didn't really work.

It was really yummy though! :)

Thursday, March 23, 2017


It's almost the end of the Naruto Shippuden series. *sadface*. I prefer the young and goofy Naruto compared to the short haired serious looking one in the last few episodes. They could have made him a bit better looking, his mom is pretty afterall! Wonder what Boruto would be like :/.

Naruto is one of the best manga / anime out there. I never really understood the hype on Naruto over the years and finally understood this year when I started watching and couldn't stop watching. It definitely won me over with it's interesting and witty script. I could watch all 900+ episodes again! :P

My fan has been asking for an update. I have nothing much to write about so yeah! An update is still an update? :P

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Korean Drama W

Wow. Without giving out any spoilers... I hope... :P, I must say that this is the most twisting and interesting drama ever! It's one where I go OMG WTF just happened and OMG WTF I didn't expect that to happen right after. I tried anticipating what would happen next and whatever happened next totally blew my mind, heh besides the fact that Lee Song Juk, or was his name Lee Jong Suk, had really fair and smooth skin and I was constantly distracted by that. Lol.

The last episode 17 which explained how they made the movie was extremely interesting.

A definite must watch drama :). 9.5 / 10. I'd give 10 / 10 if I've watched more than 10 KDramas but I've only watched 5 of em and I did enjoy all of em. Hee.