Wednesday, July 12, 2017


I took Air Asia for the first time and it was not the most comfortable flight. I had a hard time sleeping, though I don't think the seats were any different from the other airlines I've been on. I didn't try their food because shhh we brought our own hotdawgs. Didn't spend a penny in flight. We brought empty water bottles too and filled them up after immigration check. Must always bring a 1L empty bottle for an 8 hour journey! I'd like not to fly from Gold Coast though in the future. It is extremely tiring to get from Brisbane to Gold Coast and back. 

It has been a long time since I set foot on Malaysian soil. KLIA 2 was surprisingly awesome! It had so many restaurants and shops. I felt like I was a tourist in my own country when I arrived. I was like WOW OMG THIS PLACE IS AWESOME! Let's check out all the shops and try all their coffee. LOL. There was even a bubble tea shop there. *I didn't have any though, ahem I've quit having bubble tea*. LOL. OK truth was it was 4.30am when we landed and the shops weren't opened yet. I might've had it if it was. :P. I wasn't telling a lie when I said I quit bubble tea though. I haven't had any since September last year! :). be continued...

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