Friday, July 14, 2017

Friday 14 July

I had to go to the city to go to Bupa to make my medical claim. I had diarrhea for a full 5 days after I got back from Malaysia and it was definitely the most dreadful days of my life. I took charcoal that had probably expired because it didn't work (damn I'm such a genius)! After 5 days (yes I waited that long, boohoo) I decided to walk into the clinic below my office. Paid AUD80 to see the Dr for 5 minutes (obviously the reason why I waited that long!).

The Dr told me to try either Immodium or (something else which I didn't try to remember because I decided to go with the first option). All the suffering disappeared only after 1 tablet (like why didn't I think of going to the pharmacy! all the toilet sessions totally affected my brains! I paid the price for being an idiot. pffft). Okay, half the price since I got back AUD49 yesterday! (Yessh! Finally making good use of my insurance (kudos Bupa, instant money transfer!), but that money disappeared instantly :(. Damn why are there shops like Daiso around!)

I bought a pretty nice laundry basket...but I didn't notice the price till I got back. AUD8.80! (not everything in Daiso is AUD2.80 buddy!). Oh the Kiwi lady said I have an Australian accent. LOL. And when I was at the Korean grocers, the Korean girl kept speaking to me in Korean (I just smiled and nod, couldn't understand a word lol). But when my debit card got rejected, she was speaking more Korean and I finally gave myself out and said, can I pay cash? She was like OMG I'm sorry! You look Korean! LOL.

Tadaa my laundry basket!


  1. i thought you knew how to speak some korean?

  2. haven't watched korean drama for a long time :P