Thursday, July 20, 2017

Society is Unforgiving

It's been on my mind for a few days now. How unforgiving society is, how unforgiving the world is. One wrong step and it's probably the end. It's saddening.

Back in the days, whenever I saw a homeless person or a beggar, I used to think, why don't they just find a job? Why are they so lazy? I'm sure many have thought that way. Most of the time I may not seem like I'm thinking, but I am...and for a long time I've realised that they aren't homeless because they are lazy or they don't want to find a job, it's because of how our society works, how the society thinks, how the society acts and reacts, how the world is made, how unforgiving the society is.

They can be people who had to be available for the family, people who lost their parents, people who lost their family, people who lost their jobs, people who has never been able to afford, people who have been cheated, people who has no one, people with health problems, the rich isn't excluded, it could be anyone. No matter how hard the person tries, they don't meet the right person, they don't open the right door, they keep falling deeper and deeper into the depths of hell.

One has to try hard to please, try hard to fit in, match the requirements. Yes there a great people out there, but society outnumbers the great! Too bad so sad, babi society makes me mad. ???

It's just not for me eh. Trying to write like a scholar. Booo

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